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Universal 7 / Advantages - Top 10

Advantages - Top 10

Universal 7 - top 10 featutes

Client/server architecture - High performance database engine
- Transactions. No data corruptions
- Database security
Unlimited database size You can store any related data in you database (scanned copies of documents, drawing, photo, maybe movie etc.)
High availability It means that your system is available 24/7/365! or minimum downtime if you are using only hot backup!
Users access administration The Universal has own high-level access control system.
Business-logic dynamic reallocation The unique feature is when you can migrate some parts of your business logic from client to server and backward in any time!
Universal Designer This powerful programming environment includes all necessary tools for designing any system resources!
Single Win and Web user interface You can design your own documents for Windows and Web client interfaces both at once.
Universal logging system The Universal logs all user and administrator activities, and system events as well. You will always have the answer to the question: "Who did it?" :-)
xRobot It is the service that can execute any scheduled job like database backup, sending reports and notification to users, email dispatches, etc.
Integrated messaging system It’s not only email client, it’s the part of your workflow that can process your data, send commands to other users, initialize their reactions and so on.
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