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Universal 7 / Technology sollutions

Technology solutions

The WIN32 client application

High performance application

The 32-bit multithreaded Universal 7 client application provides users with a clear and productive GUI Windows. Work is optimized for the input of big data volume, as well as fast search and filtering.

A single set of files

All local users have the single unified set of executable files on their client workstations. There was no difference who will use them - the director of the company or storekeeper. But each user will have acces only to permited system resources.
This unification simplifies follow-up support of the program.


Full data access via the Internet

Universal:Web-Server are providing the access to the system resources with read/write functionality. Users can have access to data via internet with their rights permissions. Only a web-browser are required for this, all business-logic are stored on the server. By default any document that designed for Windows GUI is ready to using in web-interface.

The ideal solution for branch offices

Since no additional software is required (only the web-browser), it is very easily for deployment in remote branches of the company at any point over the world where is the Internet access. And you are reducing the cost of technical support.

Mobile Users

The Universal-mobile is the application for PDA that working on Windows Mobile OS. It provides all needed functionality for mobile users like commercial agents etc. They can enter documents like orders and invoices into central database and get reports from there. It's working in on-line and offline modes also.
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