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Our clients over the world

2007. We are very pleased with the work of World Supply, developed with the participation of SoftPro programmers. Through its use, we have increased the volume of our business is 10 times over the 5 years, without increasing the number of employees. In addition, the system has improved our competitiveness through a high level of service to our clients. Sebastian Weidemann
general manager
Seehafen Transportkontor Gildemeister GmbH, Germany
  2002. SoftPro was a giant help for us, to convert our existing XBase++ and some old Clipper programs to the ADS-database server. Very efficient and professional work - especially the new SQL-Class brought a lot of new aspects and efficient speed-up routines to our programs.

"We a are a 18 years old company, in Brazil, specialized in Enterprise management. About eight years ago we get Feval component to integrate at our ERP System E2Corp and since them, Feval has been a very important tool of our ERP for Procerss Customization, giving a lot of flexibility to adapt E2CORP to specific customer process.
Feval allows to develop a little customization to a complex application, combining xbase code with data dictionary and SQL functionality. Today, our ERP software does not survive without Feval component.
We recommend it a lot.

Osvaldo Luis Aoki
AOKI Sistemas, Brasil
For more than 20 years to program and Clipper Xbase++ and the purchase of SPSQL is the best investment I've made over the years. SPSQL has allowed me to smoothly change my rhythm and my old code language SQL.De This lets you have and combine access to tables with the conventional system with access to SQL tables. Also works with the free version of Advantage and service is great.

Miguel Angel Rellan Ramos
Silex Informatica S.L., Spain

And more than 300 companies in Ukraine!

  • Factor Inc., Kharkov
  • UkrAvto Inc., Kiev
  • U.P.E.C. Inc., Kharkov
  • Krayina, IC
  • Avionica, IC
  • Finex, IC
  • Fortis, Ukrainian branch
  • MIR, IC
  • Renaissance, IC
  • Zdorovo, IC
  • Business Style, Ltd, Kiev
  • Mir Snabjenia, Ltd, Lugansk
  • LuganskKantsOpt, Ltd
  • Zaporizhzhe nuclear power plant
  • Poltavateploenergo
  • Kiev Factory of Sparkling Wines, JSC
  • Globino Meatpacking Plant, LTD
  • Kharkov Meatpacking Plant, LTD
  • Kremenchug Meatpacking Plant, JSC
  • Kharkov Ice-Cream Factory, JSC
  • Automobiles Remount Plant (Ministry of Defense of Ukraine)
  • Kharkov Metal Construction Plant
  • Poltava Discharge Lamps Plant
  • LIVS furniture factory
And clothes factories, printing industry, car service and many others companies!
Please take a look at Our Ukrainian customers page (in Google translation:-))
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