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Activities and products

We are glad to offer our experience in development business application exactly for the needs of our customers!
It's not only software, it's your personal business solution!

Universal 7 is the scalable and adaptive client/server program platform for implementation ERP-solutions for any industries, size and kind of business.
We build business applications for our customer on the basis of the main software product of our company.

We are working with companies from various industries, size and kind of business. Please take a look at features of our business solutions.

As consequence of our more than 20 years experience of software development is many useful utilities, libraries and "know how" software solutions in the field of database access, internet technologies and much more...

Our customers

Our clients is more than 300 Ukrainian enterprises and companies in many fields of industry and kind of business. We have the customers in other country too.
Thank for you trust!


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Our presentations

We are participating in the EU program"Support to the Development of Business Capacity of Ukrainian SMEs - International Dimension"
SoftPro presentation for EU project
Please read about our activities and offers in this printing brochure
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