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Custom development

We are glad to offer our experience in development business application exactly for the needs of our customers! Powerful up to date platform of Universal 7 let us to build your unique system in a few months!
You get open source, customizable, scalable system with low cost supporting!

It's not only software, it's your personal business solution!

Please take a look at the example of our most interesting custom solution.

World Supply Logistic System

World Supply is the custom web oriented solution that was created for German logistic company Seehafen Transportkontor Gildemeister, GmBH. It provides:
  • Customer orders processing with presents testing and storing docs copies
  • Delivery optimization (accompanying goods, optimal container size etc.)
  • Automatic cargo tracking
  • Warehouses capacity
  • Inventory location
  • Orders state monitoring and automatic alerts generation
  • Payments, etc.
The World Supply system works in the united information space in the European and Asian company offices. It let to increase the volumes of cargo transportation in 10 times!
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