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About company / History


Our company was founded in 1992 by four independent engineers and programmers. Two of them took a part in Soviet space shuttle program called "Energia-Buran". All this years we have the same direction of our activity – software development for meeting the needs of medium and large business. All our history is associate with the history of our main product called Universal.

At the beginning the company had been specialized on accounting software. The next stage was to create an integrated product combining the different parts of accounting. After the implementation on the few industrial enterprises our software product was called the Universal. In 1995 was released its first replicable version - Universal 3.

The new requirements of our customers have determine the our system evolution line. It was the necessary to combine account and analytical tasks in one product.

As consequence of increase tasks was considerable growth of users numbers and database size. In 1997 the Universal has been migrated to the client / server architecture. He obtain the windows graphical interface and multithreading.
In early 2000, we have releases Universal 5. In following years many applied and technology functionalities was added. There is the internet technologies, analysis modules, etc.

In April of 2008 was released the Universal 7 - a product imbued with the dignity of all it predecessors. It haven’t any data size limit, it's working on enterprises of any size, fields and kinds.
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