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Business solutions / Common modules

Common modules


We build your system in unified information space. It means that work of each department is a part of common activity of your company. Universal 7 helps to coordinate all business processes and let organize clear control on it.

Documents Turnover

It possible to store a large data arrays in Universal 7 database (like docs scans, images, drawing, movies, etc). But it is not only data storage. Vice versa, each copy has it own type, host, route, time frames and so on.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is not a software solution. It is your unique policy of the relationship with your business partners. And our software helps your to maintain this processes!
Each time at the beginning of implementation a CRM project we are making a detailed analysis of customers business processes.
This module is closely related with other modules like Sales, Contracts, Pricing, Analysis etc.

Business Intelligence

Universal 7 has internal business analysis tools like OLAP module, ABC/XYZ-analysis, Comparison System (SoftPro know how). A great many of ready reports and tools for it designing is available as well.

Human Resources and Payroll

This modules require the localisation for specific of your country and your company internal rules.


This module require the localisation for specific of your country.
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